• Tinedol

TINEDOL- antifungal ointment 

Cosmetic cream for foot skin care. Produced in the form of ointments, recommended by dermatologists for external use in the case of skin fungus and nail feet. 

Useful properties of ointment

One of the reasons for the intolerable itch of the feet is the fungus on the feet - the skin coarsens, cracks and flakes in places of infection. Nails turn yellow, thicken, become brittle, which can lead to their complete loss. To the list of symptoms added unpleasant smell of constantly sweating feet.

Tinedol was created by physicians specifically to combat the cause and symptoms of mycosis. Ointment has the following useful properties:

- Softening;

- Antipruritic;

- Deodorizing;

- Antifungal;

- Disinfectant;

- Healing;

- Anti-inflammatory;

- Moisturizing;

- Cooling;

- Exfoliating.

As a result of the study of the effectiveness of the drug, the subjects noted that after the first application the itching disappears, the skin noticeably softens, and the keratinized areas come off.

Attention! The result of application is individual for each person! The effect of the cream may differ from that described by consumers in the reviews.

Instructions for use:

Ointment should be used twice a day after the correct preparation of the infected areas.

1. Wash your feet thoroughly. If necessary, use a scrub and pumice. The skin should be steamed and clean.

2. Dry your feet with a towel. Do this carefully to avoid irritation.

3. Use clean hands to apply a little to the foot.

4. Gently rub the ointment until completely absorbed.

5. Pay special attention to the most suffering from fungus places.

6. Repeat the procedure until the entire tube is used, even if the fungus has disappeared.

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