Gardenin FatFlex 
healthy weight loss 
5 bags of 5grams

Means for weight loss Gardenin FatFlex is designed for quick and easy weight loss without dieting, stress and any changes in lifestyle. This tool works at the same time with several mechanisms. 
Here are the main ones:

 - Reducing appetite and reducing calorie intake by 1,400 calories per day.
 - Increase in motor activity - per day you will spend three times more energy due to physical activity. 
 - Increase the speed of basal metabolism. Calorie consumption at rest will increase by 20-25%. 

In describing the active substances Gardenin FatFlex can also find out more specific mechanisms of therapeutic effect of the additive:

 - filling the stomach with ballast substances, thereby reducing appetite; 
 - elimination of excess fluid from the body; 
 - burning of subcutaneous fat; 
 - slowing digestion, which prolongs satiety; 
 - Reduction of cravings for sweets due to the effect on the activity of taste buds of the oral cavity.


As part of Gardenin FatFlex declared active ingredients: 

 - pomeranets, as a source of fat burners; 
 - juniper berries; 
 - schia chia, containing vitamins and amino acids.

Instructions for use 

 - Gardenin FatFlex is available in bags of 5 g. 
 - They are taken 1 per day, after meals or after training, diluting in a glass of water. 
 - It is necessary to use this "cocktail" for 5 days, take a break for 2 days. 
 - Then you need to resume the intake of dietary supplements according to the same scheme.
 - 1 package is good for 1 week use

 - in a week you will lose from 3 to 6 kg; 
 - in two weeks you will become 8-9 kg lighter; 
 - in a month you will lose from 12 to 14 kg.

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Gardenin FatFlex

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