Medical, vibro acoustic, infrared device Vitafon-2

ENGLISH user manual on CD included 

It is possible that it want operate on 110v in USA. You will need a 110v-220v transformer witch could be found on eBay for 5-10usd.

The Purpose and Operative Principles

The device is intended for prophylactics and treatment of diseases associated with disorders in the capillary blood flow and lymph flow. The device creates a microvibration with constantly changing sonic frequency with the aid of interchangeable vibroacoustic transformers: vibraphones, and (or) pulsing infrared radiation: the IR-radiation transformer. The separate or combined action of microvibration and the IR-radiation prompts a multiple increase in the microcapillary blood flow and lymph flow within the area of action, which enables a therapeutic effect to be attained in the treatment of inflammatory and traumatic diseases.

  The device is intended for use in therapeutic-prophylactic institutions and sanatoriums as well as in domestic conditions as recommended, under the supervision of a physician-specialist of this type. The "Vitafon-2" device consists of the control block and attached interchangeable transformers: vibraphones and IR-radiator. A membrane manufactured of a special alloy and decoratively covered is the operative surface of the vibraphone. A metal chrome-plated plate with orifices evenly distributed over the surface is the operative surface of the IR-radiator. In the orifices, optical elements are built-in. The optical elements consist of semiconductor radiators of the infrared range light (invisible). One of them is located centrally, and three others are equally distanced on the margins of the device. All of them are equipped with auxiliary indicator red light-emitting diodes. The main control switches are situated on the faceplate of the control block.

  The device's vibraphones, through contact application of the membrane, induce microvibration of the organism's tissues. The IR-radiator acts with its infrared radiation upon the tissues. The rate of the microvibration and of the infrared radiation pulses changes automatically and constantly according to the cyclic program enabled within the sonic frequency range.


·     Adenoma of the prostate gland

·     Alcohol Abstinence Syndrome 

·     Arthritis, arthrosis, rheumatoid polyarthritis 

·     Blackheads 

·     Bronchitis 

·     Burns 

·     Corns, calluses 

·     Carbuncle 

·     Cerebral paralysis, flaccid paralysis 

·     Contusion 

·     Constipation 

·     Cosmetic purposes 

·     Cystitis 

·     Dislocations and strains 

·     Dental diseases, periodontitis, paradontitis, stomatitis 

·     Encopresis (faeces incontinence) 

·     Enuresis (urine incontinence) 

·     Essential hypertension 

·     Fractures 

·     Furunculosis, carbunculosis, acne 

·     Frostbites and supercooling 

·     Haematoma, oedema, bruises 

·     Hemmorhoid

·     Infantil cerebral paralysis (consequences), flaccid paralysis ralysis 

·     Inflammation of middle ear, Sensorineural hearing disorders(otitis)

·     Impotence 

·     Insomnia 

·     Gastritis 

·     Glaucoma 

·     Lactostasis phenomena 

·     Maxillary sinusitis 

·     Neurosensory deafness 

·     Oedema 

·     Osteochondrosis, radiculitis 

·     Periodontitis, stomatitis, and parodontosis 

·     Prophylactics of cold ailments 

·     Prostatitis 

·     Pyelonephritis 

·     Radiculitis 

·     Relieving fatigue 

·     Restoration and development of voice 

·     Running nose (rhinitis) 

·     Scoliosis (complications) 

·     Serous mastitis, lactostasis 

·     Spine traumas

Medical effects

The therapeutic effect is based on the mutual enhancement of the combined effect of microvibration and pulsed infrared radiation.

  The microvibration frequency and the IR-radiation power constantly change according to a certain repeating program (the cyclogram).

  Within the vibraphone zone of action under the effect of the microvibration, a drop in the hydrodynamic vascular resistance occurs. Due to this, an intensification of the fluid osmotic movement occurs which leads to a local increase in the capillary blood flow and lymph flow. For each vessel diameter an optimal frequency of effect exists corresponding to the least hydrodynamic resistance against blood movement. Therefore, for therapeutic purpose a wide range of constantly changing microvibration frequencies are used. On this account even at a small microvibration amplitude (less than 20 mcm) an increase in the number of functioning capillaries can be attained as well as a significant decrease in their hydrodynamic resistance. The microvibration action upon the veins increases the effect of the venous hydrodynamic pump. Together these two effects provide a local increase in the blood and lymph flow. The therapeutic effect occurs within a 7-cm radius from the vibraphone centre, and via large vessels it spreads for 5-7 cm further.

  Within the area of the IR-radiator effect an obvious anti-inflammatory effect occurs which is due to the transmission of the radiate warmth and infrared radiation. Due to this, a warming of the surface layers' tissue structures occurs, as well as activation of microcirculation and a local anesthesia.

  To attain the greatest therapeutic effect in treatment of diseases, the transformers (the IR-radiator and the vibraphone) should change places from one procedure to another.

  In complex treatments with the "Vitafon" device using drug preparations, the efficacy of the later is enhanced due to an increase of their concentration within the action zone of the device's transformers. Quick elimination of the pathological manifestations of the disease enables one to reduce the doses and the term of drug therapy.


For Men

The "Vitafon" is an ideal means of treating impotence: its has no undesirable side effects, provides a stable positive result, and favourably affects all the pelvic organs.

  The statistics are indisputable: 25 to 40% of men, and robust men at that, suffer from inflammation of the prostate gland: prostatitis. That is right: they do suffer because, apart from the pain syndrome, sexual disorders appear in these men often leading to impotence and, consequently, to neuroses. 
  The causes of such widely spread cases of prostatitis are: a sedentary lifestyle, uncontrolled use of medicines, allergisation of the population, the consequences of the Chernobyl catastrophe, an increasing number of venereal diseases, and a number of other factors. 

  The prostate gland consists of multiple little glands grouped in 30-50 lobules. The lobules are surrounded with fibrous-muscular membranes that prompt secretion into the ducts. Blood supply is maintained by numerous small arterial branches. 
 The development of the inflammatory process in the prostate gland is strongly dependent on a complex of predisposing and local factors: disorder in the metabolic processes, and stagnant phenomena in the organ. 
  Recently physiotherapy has been increasingly important in the treatment of prostatitis due to an increase in complications from taking synthetic drugs. 
  Treatment with the "Vitafon" is an ideal way out! No "chemistry" whatsoever! The sonic vibration quite lightly and efficiently dissolves the stagnant phenomena in the prostate gland and in other pelvic organs, normalises the metabolic processes and stimulates regeneration of damaged tissue. 
  Besides, having recovered from this grave disease, you will receive an unexpected gift: your male strength will enhance considerably! 
  This is nothing astonishing! The point is: all the problems are related to circulation insufficiency! 

For Women

Every woman wishes to be beautiful and healthy. "Vitafon" will help you attain both of these goals. An efficient means for improving the circulation, "Vitafon" can be quite successfully used not only for therapeutic-prophylactic purposes, but also for cosmetic ones. The device should be used with preliminarily selected therapeutic preparations: creams, ointments, gels, balsams, lotions. In this case the amount of cosmetic remedy may be reduced by half.
  Following plastic surgery, "Vitafon" therapy quickly eliminates oedema and promotes healing of wounds. The postoperative scars become softer and more elastic.
  Insomnia not only worsens the quality of life but also prompts accelerated ageing. There are many drug remedies used to treat this disease, but physicians always prefer a natural therapy. The selection of the points of application of the device in the treatment of insomnia with the "Vitafon" depends on the disease's cause and should be determined on an individual basis.
  The device can be used for relieving fatigue and enhancing the muscles' working ability, for instance, for relieving fatigue in the hands.
  After giving birth, when ruptures occur, the "Vitafon" will accelerate healing of the wound and will enable the mother to avoid complications. In 2-3 weeks after giving birth, it is recommended to have 1 or 2 prophylactic courses of the "Vitafon" therapy on the lumbar-sacral portion of the spine to normalise the menstrual cycle and the organs of the abdominal cavity. The same course will be desirable 2 or 3 months prior to a planned pregnancy because in future the foetus will place an increasing load upon the mother's spine.
  Quite often lactating mothers encounter the fact that they do not have enough milk. Strictly speaking, not having enough breast milk (hypogalactia) cannot be called a disease. This is a temporary condition that nevertheless creates a lot of problems. Because the mother cannot fully feed the infant, it starts crying more often, sleeps much worse, and naturally this does not positively affect its development. In fact, a real inability to breastfeed occurs only in 1% of women. It is related to an anatomical underdevelopment of the mammary glands and to some grave conditions of the endocrine system. In all other cases the disorder is purely functional. The milk forms from the blood in the gland and therefore the amount of milk formed depends on the blood supply in the breast. When breastfeeding, the woman must drink more, keep her breasts warm and thoroughly draw off the remains of the milk. Completely drawing off the remains prompts the forming of more milk (lactation). If there is not enough milk because of poor blood supply to the breast, then a 5-min. application of the "Vitafon" within 20-30 minutes after breastfeeding each day improves the circulation and hopefully increases the lactation.
  One gynaecological pathological condition involves a disorder of the menstrual cycle due to various reasons. This general title includes several conditions varying in severity, and each of them demands its own treatment. Therefore visitation to a gynaecologist is necessary. Cycle disorders in which menstruation is longer than the normal 5-7 days, a "smearing" continues following menstruation, or menstruation does not occur according to schedule, are related to emotional stresses, temporary hormonal shifts, fatigue of the organism, and other functional reasons. In these cases, the desired result can be attained with the aid of the "Vitafon". It has been noticed that in treatment of various diseases when the vibraphones are established on the abdomen or loins areas, duration of even ordinary menstruation shortens by 1 or 2 days. This is due to stimulation by means of vibroacoustic action upon the sexual glands, renal glands, and via them upon the uterus tonus.
  Application of the "Vitafon" may be particularly advantageous at a young age when the menstrual cycle is just beginning to undergo its formation.

For Elderly People

Hypertension is a common fellow-companion of elderly people: increase in atrerial pressure. Hypertension is a treacherous disease. The increased arterial pressure may lead not only to stress on the heart and to cardiac pain, but also to infarction. The stress is increased not only for the heart alone but also for the vessels. This may result in a brain stroke. In brain stroke, death or a paralysis of extremities occurs quite often.
  The upper arterial pressure is considered safe if it does not exceed 100 plus the age of the patient, and the critic one - 110 plus the age of the patient. It is not recommended to have a pressure above these figures. The optimal upper pressure is 90 plus one's age although this figure is rather individual. Many people have a stable blood pressure of 120/80 until the age of 50-60. In children the pressure is 100/60 as a rule. In young people: 110/70-120/80. Many individuals see their blood pressure increase with age.
  The greatest and, unfortunately, most widely spread mistake in treatment of hypertension is to undergo an irregular treatment. One should not forget that just 1 second of high pressure may be sufficient for a brain stroke. Therefore it is necessary to maintain a stable pressure. Treatment must start gradually and terminate just as gradually, and in elderly people with chronic hypertension, the treatment should be constant with a thoroughly selected dosage.
  Dizziness, nausea, weakness, headaches, cardiac pains: all these signs separately or in combination may accompany hypertension and give ground for measuring blood pressure and consulting a competent physician. Age-related changes in the blood pressure are very slow, therefore even a 10-unit increase per 24 hours may induce signs of hypertension.

There are many causes of hypertension. They may involve:

  • A release of a large amount of adrenaline into the blood during stress (this leads to a temporary increase in the blood pressure, which then drops to a normal level);
  • Insufficient renal functions directly are related to the upper level of arterial pressure (the so called renal hypertension);
  • Vascular spasm leads to enhanced effort in maintaining the normal blood supply, and the effort is expressed as increased pressure. The heart and brain suffer from vascular spasm, as do the blood vessels.

If an increased pressure occurs for the first time and its value remain below the critical one, then one can abstain from taking medicines. In this case, a "Vitafon" procedure before going to bed is recommended.
  When there is a stable increase in blood pressure, one should visit a physician to find out what the causes of the disease are and to receive a prescribed treatment. In this case doses of the drugs should be selected as well as a scheme of treatment with the aid of the "Vitafon".

For Children

Any mother (or father as well, incidentally) knows how difficult it is to bring up a terror-son: constant distresses, innumerable bruises and scratches!
  Everyone knows that after a hard injury, dislocation or sprain it is necessary to apply cold. And then what? It turns out that there is a way to accelerate the restoration process 2- or 3-fold. One should use the "Vitafon". It will quickly and effectively eliminate oedema and help to resolve a hematoma.

  How soon after an injury may one use the "Vitafon"?
  In case of bruises - within 2 hours; in dislocation or sprain - 8-10 hours; in wounds - approximately in 24 hours.
  "Vitafon" excludes complications (putrefaction) and hinders the formation of scars.
  In burns of 1-2 grade (with preserved skin) the "Vitafon" is simply indispensable if used within 3-4 min: then the burn manifestations can be avoided completely.
 Frostbites, youth blackheads? - These challenges can also be answered by our "domestic doctor"! One should note that the "Vitafon" treatment is painless, pleasant and that children like it very much.
  We are often asked whether it is possible to treat small children with the "Vitafon." What answer can we give? When a child screams because of stomach pain or for other reasons, its scream creates the same vibration as the "Vitafon" creates when used on the cervical portion of the spine, and produces possibly even a greater effect. The "Vitafon" effect is quite compatible with the organism - that is why the "Vitafon" therapy may be applied right after birth. The device was used for the first time on a new-born infant at the First Municipal Hospital of St.Petersburg - one of the most sound and modern medical institutions. The experience of using the device on several thousand patients has shown that age is of no great significance. Neither in the first day, nor at the age of 9-10 months did the children show any negative responses to the procedures (no excitation occurred, no insomnia, no appetite disorders). Moreover, the device exerted a general favourable effect upon the organism, improving the digestive process in particular. The only difference is that in children younger than 1 year of age, the only the first regimen should be used. However, just like in other cases, a correct diagnosis should first be made for the child and the application of this particular method should be substantiated.

  "Vitafon" is already used for treatment of discirculatory encephalopathy in children and in adults, and therefore there is ground to suggest that the phoning may be used in encephalopathy of new-born infants, which occurs due to a disorder in brain circulation. The consequences of encephalopathy may include retardation in the development of the child, weakening of his or her vision acuity, appearance of migraine or dizziness in an early age, osteochondrosis of the spine cervical portion, and other undesirable phenomena. Maybe some day we will understand that the "Vitafon" therapy is a mandatory component of treating perinatal encephalopathy (PEP) and other consequences of a birth trauma. However, a certain time must elapse before we can quite responsibly declare that the vibroacoustic effect in this case should replace the currently widely spread method of treatment: electrophoresis upon the cervical portion of the spine.
  This is all in the future, and meanwhile methods have been developed and studied in the use of the device in feces incontinence (encopresis), urine incontinence (enuresis), intestinal paresis, flat foot, and dysplasia of hip joints as described in the book.
  Therefore, age is no hindrance for using the "Vitafon". It can prove useful for children as well as for adults and elderly people. In teenagers, from 10 to 16 years, prophylactic procedures of the "Vitafon" therapy on the spine may prevent problems in future. Even a small and seemingly insignificant pathology of the spine with age can transform into a serious disease. Unfortunately, children and teenagers are presented to a physician only when something is already wrong with them.
  Usually youth ignore treatment in the belief that "it will pass away by itself." Unfortunately it does not always pass away, and often in a number of years it becomes only too evident when the remaining pathology transforms into a serious disease. At a mature age one is always prevented from caring for one's health by a job or by family affairs. It turns out that mainly pensioners apply for treatment. At a

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