VITAFON-T physiotherapeutic, vibro acoustic therapy device

 US customers, please note: device want function on 110v, please use an 110v to 220v step up converter, could be found on eBay for a couple of $


Functions of Vitafon-T

Vitafon-T is to be used for prevention and treatment of the diseases, caused by dysfunctions of capillary blood and lymph flows. The device produces microvibrations of continuously changing frequency, which leads to a multiple increase of blood and lymph flow within the zone treated and helps to provide detectable therapeutic healing effect during the treatment of inflammatory and traumatic diseases.

Vitafon-T is to be used in hospitals, other medical institutions and sanatoriums across the Russia, Ukraine and in some Eastern Europe countries. It can be also effectively applied by a patient at home, after consultation with a doctor and under his supervision.

 The Vitafon-T apparatus (see picture) consists of a main electronic block and two joint converters, the so-called "vibrophones". At the main electronic block there is a socket via which an external power source can be connected with the device. Deliverable power supply unit working from alternating current network and supports 220-240V Euro standard. On the face panel of the main block there are main tools of data entry and control and a digital display. Number of the chosen Mode and duration of the treatment session are indicated on the display.

The main electronic block of the device provides realization of the programmed parameters and produces signal, necessary for functioning of vibrophones. In contact with body tissues, membranes of vibrophones produce microvibrations of bodily tissues within the zone treated. Frequency of microvibrations automatically changes in accordance with a pre-given cycle program within the range of sound frequencies.

Therapeutic effect

  For the treatment of any disease, the minimum demands are a good blood supply, good quality of the blood, and good control of the organism's functions. Moreover, sometimes these three components are insufficient for a complete recovery whereas absence of just one of them makes the treatment either too long or completely impossible. Vibroacoustic therapy enables one to affect all three factors: to increase the local blood supply, to improve function of an organ and quality of the blood, and to restore the control damaged because of insufficient blood supply to neural fibres, tissues, and nervous centres.    The main and direct property of the vibroacoustic effect involves its ability to increase the through flow of blood and lymph flow. This is based on two reliable physical effects. The first effect is a drop in the vascular resistance against blood movement during microvibration with a certain sonic frequency, and each vessel has its own optimal frequency. The "Vitafon" construction idea was born due to understanding just this particular physical effect. The second frequency range effect of the device is directed towards the drop in vascular resistance. The second physical effect is an effect of the hydrodynamic pump in the veins. It occurs due to the presence of valves which, under the microvibration effect, provide a strictly ordered movement of the blood instead of a chaotic one. This particular effect of the " hydrodynamic pump" is maintained by the first frequency range of the "Vitafon". This effect was discovered by Professor A. I. Arinchin. When studying the mechanisms of peripheral circulation, he found that muscular fibres tremble with a sonic frequency. "The muscle "sings" at a sonic frequency," he writes in his book "Peripheral Human Hearts." This trembling induces a depression in the veins, on the one hand, and on the other hand, the pressure is kind of a hydrodynamic pump that maintains an accelerated outflow of the blood. A. I. Arinchin experimentally measured this particular depression and concluded that, lacking such a circulation mechanism, the heart would have to be many-fold stronger.

To make the venous pump work, the muscles do not have to contract. To achieve the hydrodynamic pump effect just a trembling with a small amplitude is sufficient. Considering that the sum length of venules is much greater than that of veins, the microvibration of the vessels' muscular fibres is of great importance as well as the microtrembling of surrounding muscular tissue.

  The arteroles' pushing ability cannot be excluded because they act like intestine peristalsis on account of the successive contraction of muscular fibres. Therefore, microvibration is a physical factor used by the organism for reducing the peripheral resistance of the capillary net and for increasing the venous outflow.

  If by some reasons muscular fibres stop trembling, i.e. in an ischemic area, the blood supply drops sharply and the ischemia enhances. A vicious circle occurs and the organism cannot get out of it without external microvibration. Ischemia may exist for a long time even after the reasons reducing the blood supply have been removed. This occurs, for instance, when neural fibres are compressed in the sites where they come out of the spine. The reasons having been removed, the blood supply is not restored nonetheless. The vibroacoustic effect in such cases plays the role of a triggering mechanism, i.e. when treating an area of obvious trophic damage where the nerves loose their sensitivity, within 15 minutes the patient starts to feel a prickling and even feels the microvibration. The sensitivity remains for a few hours after the procedure and, provided the causes have been removed, it is restored completely.

  The vibroacoustic effect enhances the intensity of the process performed by the organism in this area. This enables it to act upon the feedback mechanisms and shift the balance in one or another direction. For example, treating the renal area will improve the kidneys' function and, consequently, the blood quality.

  The general intensity of the regenerative process in the organism is limited by the feedback mechanism in respect to concentration of toxins and regeneration products in the blood which are subject to processing and excretion from the organism. Here a deficit of the regeneration volume occurs and this leads to an increase in the cells' mean age. The total deficit is unevenly distributed over different tissues. The delay of the regenerative process is most obvious in areas with reduced blood supply. But enhancement of the blood supply in this area, in general deficit of the regeneration volume, yields only a slight acceleration of the regenerative process and is temporary. Moreover, by the same degree the regenerative process will worsen in other areas. As it is rather difficult to assess the resource of the organism's cleansing systems, in practically all the cases it is recommended to administer the microvibration upon the renal area from the back. Some dose of the effect, at that, will spread over to the liver and adrenal glands which results in a considerable acceleration of cleansing of the blood and, consequently, in acceleration of the regenerative process. This phenomenon explains why ignoring the renal area in treatment of joints' arthrosis, particularly in elderly people, yields an insufficient therapeutic effect. For the same reason it would hardly be effective if one treats large areas of burns or other lesions without adequate improvement of the renal functions.

  There is also another opinion explaining these effects: the vibroacoustic effect increases adrenal gland functions and thus production of the respective hormones. Naturally, it is possible in spite of strict control over the adrenal activity exerted by the hypothalamus in the case of adrenal glands dysfunction. So far the influence of enhancing renal function or adrenal glands upon the organism's systemic response can not be divided. It has been corroborated, however, that the vibroacoustic effect exerts a considerable positive influence on the renal area and the site of the adrenal glands in most diseases when vibroacoustic therapy is applied.

  How the function of one or another organ changes is a subject for further study. Blood isn't the only fluid circulating in the organism. Nearly all the organs are interconnected with various ducts, channels, or pipes. The free movement of fluid along these is a mandatory condition of good health. All the ducts, channels, and pipes are not just mechanical conductors for the fluid but real "transport organs" providing a constant fluid flow. Each such transport organ has its own oscillation frequency and its own specific movements. On account of the vessels' and capillaries' microvibration, smooth flow of the blood and lymph is maintained; due to specific movements of the gall ducts and ureters there is passage of gall and urine. Ejaculation, urine excretion, movements of the ovules, inflow of a secretion from different glands, also occur through these channels which perform complicated kinematic movements. All the ducts, channels, and pipes have muscular fibres controlled by the nervous system. For their normal functioning they need a blood supply and controlling pulses from the nervous system. Disorders in the blood supply or nervous control weaken the dynamic movements of the ducts. This results in stagnation, pressure grows within the duct which, however, cannot compensate for the insufficiency of the movements. If this persists long enough, it results in constipation, cystitis, prostatitis, pyelonephritis, cholecystitis, and other diseases depending on which exact duct lost its ability to move. If the ducts actively "work" with their muscles, the inflammatory process does not develop further as there are no stagnation phenomena, the pressure does not grow and, mainly, enough antibodies and other substances come with the blood, all of them maintaining the organism's immunity. By means of the vibroacoustic effect it is possible to increase the local blood flow and create one of the conditions for normal functioning of the duct. The second condition for normal functioning of the duct involves the presence of controlling pulses from the nervous system.

  A no less important property of microvibration with constantly changing sonic frequency involves the ability to restore the blood supply of nervous fibres even if they are compressed within the intervertebral passages. This compression can be a result of a local oedema or an intervertebral hernia. A disorder in the neural fibres' blood supply leads to a loss of conductivity and, consequently, of control. In particular this leads to a disorder of the duct's motor activity and a disorder in the vascular regulation. A sustained loss of control leads to accumulation of the disorders which causes a disease of one or another organ. Restoration of the conductivity of the nervous fibres is a mandatory condition of recovery. The microvibration effect upon a respective area of the spine both restores the blood supply of the neural fibres and relieves the oedema and overtension of the muscles.

  Considering that in the protein reaction of the "key-lock" type a certain role belongs to the coincidence of protein molecules orientation, the microvibration energy increases the probability - meaning the velocity, too - of these reactions. This effect in a way depends on the constantly changing amplitude of the microvibration - which is exactly what "Vitafon" does.


Preparation of the apparatus and the operation procedure

Make sure that the device and converters are not damaged.
Before the first use, wipe membranes with a napkin to disinfect them. For this moisten a napkin with a 3% hydrogen peroxide solution and wring it out. Later on do it as necessary.

Connect the main electronic block of the device to the chosen source of power. When the power is received, for a short period of time the following data will be indicated on the display: I (status "Preparation for work"). Then, in 2 seconds, one will see on the display automatically programmed mode (Mode 1) and duration of the treatment session (20 minutes): I 20 . Now the apparatus is ready for a treatment session with the parameters programmed or for an adjustment of Mode and Duration parameters in accordance with a particular treatment scheme.

In the case, if the device continues to be in a status "Preparation for work" or of reduced power consumption (the display goes out, no data indicated on it), one should press the button C "Start/Stop" . After that the automatically programmed mode will be indicated on the display.

Entering MODE parameter
Now one is to enter the data on the Mode of a particular treatment procedure, as indicated in the treatment scheme. Pressing the button ? "Mode" , choose the mode, prescribed by the treatment scheme. The number of the Mode chosen is indicated on the left side of the digital display. By each button pressure the number will be changed according to the cycle: 1-2-3-4 - 1-2-… etc.

Entering treatment session duration parameter
Enter the data on the duration of the treatment session as indicated in the treatment scheme. Using buttons " + " and " - " , choose the duration, prescribed by the treatment scheme. The duration of the treatment session chosen is indicated by the two figures on the right side of the digital display. The duration of the treatment session can vary from 1 to 60 minutes with the step of 1 minute. If one presses buttons " + " or " - " for more than 1 second, the duration of the treatment procedure increases (decreases) automatically as indicated on the display.

Performing treatment procedure
Membrane surfaces are to be applied to the body covered with a gauze, paper or cotton towel (for hygienic reasons). Application should be made in zones described in the treatment scheme.

After the data on indicated in the particular treatment scheme Mode and Duration of the treatment session is entered and indicated on the display, press and release the button C "Start/Stop". When the button is pressed, the apparatus begins to perform the treatment procedure programmed. One will see blinking of the figures, indicating duration of the treatment session - this means that timer has started its work. The changing figures on the display indicate the time, left before the treatment session is over.

When the apparatus is in work, a continuous sound of changing frequency is to be produced by vibrating membranes of the vibrophones. During first 5-30 seconds of work, sonic frequency will be considerably low (30 - 60 Hz). Then it must continuously change from very low to very high, almost ultra-audible (9000 - 18000 Hz) values and back - from very high to very lower - in a continues cycle of frequency changing.

Completion of the treatment procedure
When a treatment session is over, the device automatically completes its activity and after a short break (of 1-2 seconds) enters a status waiting for data entry. The data on the mode and treatment session duration, indicated on the display, will be still valid for the treatment procedure already over.

In case of need, a treatment procedure can be discontinued any moment by pressing and releasing the button C "Start/Stop". After this initially programmed parameters will be indicated on the display.

Automatic switching off of the apparatus
If no buttons were pressed during the time period of more that 60 seconds and the apparatus was ready for data entry of adjustment, the figures on the display go out and a point is visible at the place of the Mode parameter indication. One can interrupt this by pressing any button on the front panel of the apparatus.

In the case if the apparatus was not utilized for the time period of more than 4 minutes, it will automatically choose the status of reduced power consumption. Nothing is indicated on the digital display. One can interrupt the status of reduced power consumption by pressing and releasing the button C "Start/Stop". After this for a short period of time the following data will be indicated on the display: I (status "Preparation for work"). Then, in 2 seconds, one will see on the display automatically programmed mode (Mode 1) and duration of the treatment session (20 minutes): I 20 . Now the apparatus is ready for a treatment session with the parameters programmed or for an adjustment of Mode and Duration parameters in accordance with a particular treatment scheme.

The device switching off
When all the treatment procedures are over, switch the apparatus off, disconnect it from the power source, disconnect the vibrophones and put them into protective case to avoid damage of their membranes, then put the device into its original package.

In the case if before switching off the apparatus was in the status of reduced power consumption, it is recommended to interrupt it by pressing the button C "Start/Stop". Then the device can be switched off.

During long breaks between using sessions the apparatus should be stored in its initial package in the conditions, enlisted in the chapter "Exploitation, transportation and storage rules".


Indications - List of diseases and conditions for treatment!

"Vitafon" was initially created to cure the consequences of trauma. But, along with its application, the range of diseases treatable with "Vitafon" therapy has extended. This is a natural process. Experience is being accumulated, advantages and disadvantages become distinct and, to this day, the indications and contraindications for the application of the vibroacoustic effect have been identified. There is no doubt that in time the list of pathological conditions in which "Vitafon" exerts a favourable effect will be extended. A more complete and detailed description of the "Vitafon" application methods is presented in the book.


Exploitation, transportation and storage rules

The apparatus is to work properly for a long time in the following conditions:

·        air temperature: +(25±10)

·        relative humidity: 45 - 80%.

During long breaks between using sessions the apparatus should be stored in its initial package. After a long-distance shift or cooling, the device is to stay in the normal conditions (room temperature) unswitched for 2 hours.

For disinfection the main body and converters of the apparatus are to be wiped with a napkin slightly moistened with a 3% hydrogen peroxide solution.

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