MOLOT TORA = "Thor's Hammer" = Drops for potency 

It is recommended to use for such problems:

  • decreased potency;
  • premature ejaculation;
  • low quality of sperm;
  • decreased sexual desire;
  • decreased quality of orgasm;
  • rare sexual acts;
  • intensive sports activities;
  • frequent stress;
  • physical and mental overwork.

Drops for potency The Torah Hammer allows you to solve most of the problems that men experience in the intimate sphere. For normal relations between men and women, sexual life is very important. Problems in sexual life do not have the best effect on the relationship of men and women, sometimes the conflict becomes so serious that it can lead to divorce.

How to solve this problem, so that a man gets rid of the problem, and in the family came peace and understanding? In this, men can be helped by drops for the potency of the Thor's Hammer, thanks to which it is possible to restore the potency at any age without taking a lot of medications.

In youth, you do not have to think about future problems in sexual life, but with age, few people can avoid them. And, the alarm is usually the first to raise women who do not want to destroy the family and long-standing relationships, and they want some way to help their loved one.

Men are trying, as long as possible, to pull with the solution of this issue and do not hurry to the doctor. Of course, not everyone will be able to discuss such an intimate topic with another, moreover, an absolutely unfamiliar person. However, the first problems in bed can appear in men already from the age of 30. Moreover, this problem is faced not only by the leading wrong way of life of men, but also those who take care of their health, do not drink, do not smoke, play sports.

Of course, Viagra or similar drugs can provide a good erection, but their effect is short, they do not eliminate the cause of the problem. As a result, a man may lose confidence in his capabilities, which will not have a positive impact on the quality of his life. Yes, and have such means of a large number of negative side reactions, such as high blood pressure, light vision impairment, etc.

Meanwhile, how often you can hear how men, even in old age, get themselves young girls, who at best to their daughters, or even to granddaughters, are suitable, marry and even become popes, young before the eyes. How do they do it? Some admit that they acquired drops for the potency of the Thor's Hammer, and it was this remedy that helped them feel young and energetic.


This unique in composition and action means, created by ancient recipes that have survived to our time, in an improved form. Drops are tested clinically, their effectiveness is confirmed by a variety of tests.

The hormone testosterone is responsible for the potency, and this drug is called upon it.

A unique combination of components that make up the drops, and their strict proportion, affect the metabolism, stimulating the production of testosterone by the male body, which is responsible for the male's sexual activity.

As a result, sexual desire increases in a natural way, the erection improves, the sexual intercourse becomes more prolonged, the orgasm increases significantly. In addition, thanks to a unique composition, the protective properties of the body increase, overall well-being improves, and work capacity improves. The whole secret lies in the exclusive selection

The composition of the Thor's Hammer includes the following substances:

- secret littorin;

- extract of northern moss;

- liver of the sea line;

- extract of Antarctic krill.

It is the Scandinavian nature that raised the brave and hardy Vikings, gave strength to the components of this drug, which can not only increase the potency, but also have a beneficial effect on the entire body.

Advantages of the drug and contraindications

You can name a huge number of positive properties of the drug. We indicate the main of them:

  • there are no contraindications when driving a vehicle;
  • there is no restriction and prohibition of alcohol use;
  • there are no side effects;
  • safe to use
  • combination with other drugs;
  • convenience and ease of use;
  • effectiveness;
  • relatively low price;
  • naturalness of ingridients.

Since drops for potency Molot Tora (Thor's hammer) are made entirely of natural ingredients, there are no contraindications.


The product is easy to use: it takes 3-5 drops inside, once a day it will be enough to achieve the desired result.

A positive effect will be observed in less than a week. Take the drug for two weeks, then take a break in admission for the same period, after which you should repeat the course. The achieved results are preserved up to six months. In the future, the course can be repeated again.

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Molot Tora

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