Argenta Spray - an effective remedy for hemorrhoids

Argenta Spray is used for treatment of both the internal form of hemorrhoids, and external. Its use in the shortest possible time provides relief of inflammation and the elimination of stagnant phenomena in the hemorrhoidal nodes, due to which they significantly decrease in size, and the unpleasant symptomatology disappears.


The following components are contained in the Argenta Spray:

Nettle, clover, chestnut. Remove inflammation, eliminate puffiness.

Gorisvet, buckwheat, seeds of amaranth. They stop painful sensations, accelerate the process of healing of cracks around the anus.

Larch, beaver streams, St. John's wort. Improve blood circulation, eliminate stagnant phenomena, increase the elasticity of hemorrhoidal veins.

Shiitake, garlic, lumbago. Eliminate anal bleeding, reduce hemorrhoids, prevent the development of necrosis and thrombosis.

Grapes, sweet clover, hawthorn. Eliminate the inflammation of the anus, eliminate itching and burning, have a healing and anti-edematous effect.

Due to its natural composition, this drug has practically no contraindications and side effects. Its use is possible even during pregnancy. The only restriction that is inherent in the drug is individual intolerance of the incoming components and a children's age of up to 12 years.


- the puffiness of the hemorrhoidal veins decreases;

- the inflammation is stopped;

- all unpleasant symptoms of the disease (itching, burning, discomfort in the anus, bleeding, etc.) are eliminated;

- increases the elasticity and elasticity of the hemorrhoidal veins;

- preventive maintenance of complications.


Speaking about the advantages of the spray, we can distinguish the following:

- natural ingridients (there are no chemical and synthetic additives that can cause addiction and have a negative effect on the body);

- absence of contraindications and side effects;

- excellent interaction with other medicinal products;

- low price (if you take into account the cost of really effective drugs for the treatment of hemorrhoids, the price for Argenta Spray is much lower).


The method of application depends on the form of the disease:

external - the spray is distributed on the anal area 2 times a day;

internal - the cotton ball is wetted with a spray and inserted into the rectum for the night;

mixed -  cotton ball moistened with the drug is applicated in to the anus for the night; In the afternoon, the spray is applied externally to the anus (1-2 times a day).

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Argenta Spray

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