PANTOGOR Original Natural Gel combating joint pain, arthritis and arthrosis
100% natural component

*The product is certified, the composition, method and indications for use are indicated on the package.
*Not a drug. Does not require a prescription

Pantogor gel differs from all other products because it doesn’t only temporarily relieves joint pain, but eliminates the very cause of the disease due to the activation of body's natural forces and the synergistic action of natural components.

The main component of the Pantogor gel - antlers of Canadian deer stops further destruction of the joints and starts the process of regenerating damaged tissue without side effects and harm to health.

Scientists of the World Organization for Combating Joint Diseases tested several different natural components for several months, combining them and testing the effect. As a result, they managed to invent an innovative super formula PSSJ 800, which has no analogues in the whole world.

Scientists have chosen a unique combination of components that in a certain consistency have a super-powerful effect. They work on the principle of synergy, strengthening and complementing the action of antlers of Canadian deer and each other.

  • Maclura extract (commonly known as the Osage orange) Stops the inflammation process and stops the destruction of joints and cartilaginous tissues as a result
  • Adam's root extract. Restores the elasticity of cartilaginous tissue, returns it to its initial state before the disease.
  • Golden mustache extract. Acts as an immunostimulant, stops the body in an autoimmune process, which is the starting point of    the disease.

How to apply Pantogor?
Squeeze a small amount of gel on the hand.
Apply a thin layer of gel to the problematic area and rub in circular motions.
Apply 2-3 times a day for 30-45 days.

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