VARIKOSETTE leg cream against varicose

Special care for legs suffering from veins problems containing troxerutin and extracts of horse chestnut, gingko biloba and witch hazel.

Has a pronounced preventive action.

Eases the tension in the legs including heavy legs syndrome as well as unpleasant burning.

The combination of the special toning and firming effect of troxerutin and plant extracts (horse chestnut, ginkgo  biloba, witch hazel) improves microcirculation and helps reducing spider veins.

Soothes the skin, removes irritation.

Makes your legs look attractive.

Easily spread, instantly absorbed, non-sticky texture.

Active ingredients

Troxerutin, Horse chestnut extract, Ginkgo biloba leaf extract, Witch hazel leaf extract, Urea, Sunflower seed oil, Corn oil, Menthyl lactate, Menthol.

How to use

Apply on clean skin of the legs by massaging movements from the bottom upwards, from feet to thighs. Cream may be applied several times a day (2-3), independently or combined with external medications.


Cream Varikosette shows its effectiveness in the following way:

• Helps to prevent the appearance of varicose veins, strengthening and toning blood vessels

• Has a therapeutic effect, eliminating not only the symptoms but also the source of the disease

Returns the lightness in the legs and movement, gives a feeling of freshness and comfort

• Eliminates swelling in the legs, reducing permeability of vascular walls and removing stagnation

• Normalizes blood circulation, preventing the likelihood of clogging of the lumen of the vein

• Relieves burning sensation, stiffness and feelings of fatigue that occur at the end of the day or under heavy loads

• Eliminates night cramps, which are one of the symptoms of varicose veins

Eliminates spider veins and cones

• Reduces the number of blood clots that cover the lumen of the vein

• With regular use leads to complete resorption of blood clots

• Restores the beauty of the legs, makes it attractive and healthy appearance

       Note: in case of serious problems with the vessels necessary to go to the doctor-phlebologist

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