VARANGA - antifungal medication for feet

Antifungal medication for feet, skin or nails, this tool, carries the secrets of Siberian shamans! To date, science knows a huge number of fungal microorganisms.

Some of them can cause harm to human health, and others - on the contrary - to cure serious ailments. This remedy is unique in that it treats a huge number of fungal diseases.

Varanga fungus remedy is a 100% natural preparation aimed at complex treatment of the disease and for the destruction of pathogens of all kinds of fungal infections. Quickly restores affected areas of the skin.

Essential advantages of Varanga:

- The course lasts only 30 days.

- Guarantees the complete disappearance of the fungus from the feet and nails.

- Eliminates itching and flaking.

- Has a pleasant deodorant effect.

- Struggles with excessive sweating of the feet.

- Promotes healing of cracks.

- Gives strength to the legs.

- Makes the skin of the foot neat and well-groomed.


- Golden mustache. A huge presence of a large number of substances of quercetin and kaempferol, capable of killing the fungus!

- The taiga pine ingredient positively affects the restoration of healthy skin color and nail plates.

- Siberian Propolis  is a significant ingredient against the fungus, because only to its effects in the fungus there is no immunity.

- Tailed bird-liver, there is a huge amount of alkaloids and sulfur-containing compounds, which are capable of damaging the fungus, blocking its destructive effect.

- Black Poplar is distinguished by unique glycosides, poplar and its essential oils, can cause a crushing blow to the fungus, leaving no chance for salvation.

- Mumiye-asil effectively fights with a strong sweating. In addition, it perfectly disinfects the skin, has a drying effect, fights with an unpleasant odor.

- The musk beaver extract helps to block the growth of the fungus, destroys it. Also this component removes inflammation and itching.

Another component of this drug is oil. It moisturizes and nourishes the skin, allows you to get rid of coarsened skin. The oil perfectly exfoliates the dead skin cells and helps the cracks to be quickly tightened.

Varanga for the treatment of fungus very easily and evenly falls on the diseased skin, instantly absorbed. This prevents the appearance of stains on things. Included in the stone oil fights with calluses and softens the burrs.


1. First you need to wash your feet with soap and dry them.

2. Apply liquid to the place affected by the fungus.

3. Do this for 30 days before bedtime.

4. The skin will quickly return to normal.

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